How to apply to the Latin American List?

Great Place to Work®researches and recognizes great workplaces in more than 60 countries on 6 continents. Our study represents the opinion of more than 10 million employees worldwide. As a result, our study on excellence and trust in the workplace is the most respected and extensive research in the world.

Great Place to Work® methodology is rigorous, objective and determines a global standard that defines excellent workplaces in all sectors. The best workplaces are published annually in the world's most prestigious business media such as the Financial Times (United Kingdom), Fortune (United States, Korea), Gestión de Negocios (Mexico) and Estrategia y Negocio (Central America and the Caribbean). For companies, our lists represent the highest distinction that can be obtained from employees for quality in the workplace.

Transformative Results

The vision obtained will be the guide to improve the work culture and be noticed among the competition. Our lists are more than advertising and positioning, the reports obtained will provide knowledge and tools to transform your workplace.

More than brand recognition and positioning, our Best Workplaces™ lists are the tool to:

  • Workplace Competitiveness Benchmarking and Measurement
  • Intellectual capital to develop leadership
  • Human Capital best practices and knowledge sharing

Best Workplaces™ in Latin America has three categories:

  • Best Workplaces™ Multinationals in Latin America
  • Best Workplaces™ in Latin America: 20 to 499 employees
  • Best Workplaces™ in Latin America: 500+ employees

Multinational companies are eligible to be part of the list if they meet the requirements:

  • A minimum of 1,000 employees in Latin America.
  • Have been recognized in at least three national lists in the region in the last year.
  • At least 40% of employees must work outside the country where the headquarters are located.

At the regional level, companies are evaluated and listed with the same criteria as at the national level. The companies on the list of Multinationals receive extra points according to:

  • The number of countries in the region, in which they have been recognized in the national lists.
  • The number of employees who have participated in the process compared to the total number of employees that the company has in the region.

Requirements to apply to the Caribbean and Central American lists?

  1. Apply the employee survey (60 mandatory questions of the Great Place to Work Model, standard demographics, two open questions, meet the minimum 95% confidence level and margin of error less than or equal to 3%)
  2. Complete the Culture Audit™.
  3. Have a minimum of 20 employees in the company, business unit or participating country.
  4. Obtain the necessary averages in Trust Index™ (70%) and Culture Audit™ (50%).
  5. Approve the telephone or face-to-face audit.
  6. 3 years after the company was established in the national market.

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